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Celebrating farm life at Turner Farm - Turner Farmhouse Foundation

Sarah Kirk is a life long equestrian, with passion for ponies, dogs and children.  The family lived on a farm in Great Falls, breeding ponies, and raising chickens from 1998 until 2019.  

In January of 2019, the family moved to Turner Farmhouse, working hard to resurrect the lovely farmhouse and surrounding 5 acres.  Barns and fences for the ponies, yard for the dogs and a new chicken enclosure are all in place.  Many volunteer groups helped, Girl and Boy Scouts, Cooper Middle School volunteers, Marines, FCPA, and Home Depot.

The Special Exception to build out the retreat house was granted in July, 2021, and we are excited to start work on making our dream a reality.

Turner Farmhouse Foundation was started in 2016, to bring a retreat center to Great Falls, along with the family and animals through the Fairfax County Park Authority curatorship program.  


Joined by supportive members of the community, TFF received 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS in 2017, and a Special Exception was awarded to TFF to create a retreat house, Morning Star Retreat, on the 2nd dwelling on the property, creating a quiet place for reflection, prayer and rest.

We need community support in donated time, materials, and funds to make this project a success.  We are partnering with the Home Depot Foundation, the Diocese of Arlington's WorkCamp program, Marines, scouts, Cooper Middle School students, and many more volunteers.  Please consider donating funds, or volunteering for one of the projects.

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